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Equipment: Hand Held Refractometer
Equipment Type: Instrument -> Test Instrument
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Technical Parameters: odel Range Resolution Accuracy Remark RHB-10 Brix: 0-10% Brix: 0.1% Brix: ±0.10% Without Atc RHB-10ATC Brix: 0-10% Brix: 0.1% Brix: ±0.10% Atc RHB-20 Brix: 0-20% Brix: 0.1% Brix: ±0.10% Without Atc RHB-20ATC Brix: 0-20% Bri
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Description: Company Name:Kelilong Electron Co.,Ltd Web: Product deion:: The Hand Held Refractometers are specially designed for measuring the concentration of many kinds of solution listed as following: Juices、Beverages、Honey、 Salt water、Brine、Cleaning fluid、battery fluid、Antifreeze and Industrial fluids etc. And they can also test for the proportion of the water-soluble solution. They can be easily used and they are competitive in price. You only need to some water on the prism and then make it towards to the sunlight. Then the reading of the concentration will appear. And ATC means automatic temperature compensation.
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